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Longer video with bio

I’m proud of the fact that I was born and raised in
Upstate NY. My mother, a nurse and single parent of
four worked two jobs yet we still lived
paycheck-to-paycheck. At 14, I was working on the
farms near our Spencerport home. Summers were
spent in the orchards, picking fruit in the day and
loading bushels onto trucks late into the

Growing up, I was taught that an education and helping people were priorities. So, off I went to SUNY Brockport (BS, Psychology, Summa Cum Laude) and later to Syracuse University College of Law (Go Orange!), spending summers working as a painter and carpenter. Once I earned my JD, I packed my bags and left for Washington, DC, eager to change the world as a First Amendment, public interest attorney. 
Soon after arriving in DC, I learned of a new telecommunications industry that was gouging consumers. I led a team that sued six of the biggest telecommunications corporations and took on six of the biggest law firms in DC. I also took the fight to Congress, where I testified before the House and Senate and worked on crafting a bipartisan bill that would reign in a consumer nightmare. A year later, I was made Executive Director of that public interest group and continued my work on First Amendment, consumer and telecommunications issues. 
Eventually, I answered the call of my family and came home to help my mom’s growing home care agency in Brockport. I spent more than 15 years helping our neighbors – the elderly and disabled - remain independent in their homes  out of institutions where they did not want to be. 
While home in Brockport, I became involved in local politics after seeing needs that were not being met. So I ran for Village Trustee and won. I worked extensively on fiscal, public safety and infrastructure issues, but after four years I decided to “term limit myself” and instead helped my neighbors who wanted to run for office.  

For the past few years, I’ve continued helping candidates that believe in the working man and woman, in bringing living wage jobs to rebuild Upstate and our country, and protecting seniors and the benefits they have earned and paid for.  Holding elected office is a public service - not a golden meal ticket, not a means to self-enrichment, and not a partisan trophy one would do or say anything to keep and maintain. It is a public trust and covenant to work for the people you represent. 



Yep, we bought THAT house! Just over a year ago, Laura (my wife of over 25 years) and I decided we couldn’t bear to see an abandoned, 175 year old, historic house in Waterloo face demolition. So, Laura, the kids (Ethan, a Junior at Syracuse University and Dana, now working in NYC) and I began working to bring the old beauty back to life. It hasn't been easy, tripping over paint cans and tools getting coffee first thing in the morning, but it’s been a labor of love. Hard work, smart planning and an eye on the bottom line is how we’ll rebuild our house, as I will the House of Representatives and Upstate NY.  Go Bills!


I’ve run all over District 24 and have seen the beauty of our rural landscapes and waterways and the majesty of our historic villages and towns. But I’ve found that when I’ve stopped to catch my breath and talk to neighbors, it’s the proud, independent hard-working people that are our greatest resource. I've been a long-distance runner for over 15 years, and have run over 20 marathons and a few Boston Marathons. But it’s really not about the races. It’s the daily run, the training and the preparation that I love. Running for elective office is similar. It  requires preparation, hard work, lots of time and the resources and the support of family, friends and people who share your vision. I hope you’ll join me on my run. I’ll be running for you….


Marathon race.
Candideate's abandoned house before revovation
Candidate's abandoned house under construction
Marathon race with daughter at the finsh line
Cnndidate's marathon medals
before marathon with children
After Marathon finish line
Candidate working on revovating home
Candidate renovating home

Where I Come From.... 

The House

The Run

runner for congress David wagenhauser daveforupstate showing he's ready to fght for the peple of Upstate NY NY-24 and reform Congrss, protect Social Security and Medicare and support working famlies
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